Standard Includes

  • 13’D x 8’w x 160”h overall dimensions (also available in 9’x12’- same price as 13’x8’)
  • Main floor- 13’D x 8’w
  • Loft- 15’D x 8’w
  • Inside Loft Height is 68” HighBunk_PneB&B_003
  • Standard single steel insulated door 36”w x 78”h and 24”x 36” opening window, handle, lock and key
  • 3 opening vinyl thermos pane windows with screens (24”x36”) on main floor
  • 2 opening single pane aluminum windows with screens (18”x24”) in loft
  • 2’ overhang on front of Bunkie
  • Pressure treated runners
  • 5/8” plywood floor (loft and main floor)
  • Floor joists 2”x 4” on 16” centres- main floor, loft- 2”x 6”on16” centres
  • Walls are 88” high- (2”x 4” on 24”centres with double top plate)
  • Siding- 1” Board & Batten
  • Typar interior walls
  • Roof trusses- 2”x 4” on 24” centres
  • Roof sheeting- 1/2” plywood
  • Metal roof
  • Trim- on all doors, corners, roof and windows (if applicable)
  • Includes all required hardware
Bunkie Pictures

2 thoughts on “Bunkie

  1. I am looking for a shed/workshop type building. Something that might be 14×18? Can you give mexx CD an idea of what you might have?

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